Even if Nothing Happens September 13, It Already Did

Really good insight by someone who I’m beginning to trust more and more. Take time to read this one.


Even if nothing happens tomorrow or the next day, something already did happen. It happened on Thursday, September 10th in the U.S. Senate chamber. Republican leadership, on which the hopes of Americans who wanted the Iranian Nuclear Deal stopped were resting, tossed aside the Constitution, and therefore negated the votes of most Senators, to give Obama what he wanted.

The U.S. Senate and Obama both told the world that the United States has given its permission for Russia and China to make its people the inspectors in Iran, to wait up to 24 days to see a facility, and to only examine uranium enrichment facilities, not weapons facilities. The United States has given its permission for Iran to go forward with the Second Signpost.  Since the United States has had power in the Middle East to make things happen or not happen, the Second Signpost could not have happened without…

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