5 Ways My Faith Changed After Returning from Israel: Introduction

My Faith Changed After Returning from Israrel

Growing up in a good Christian home, you would think that my religious beliefs would be pretty set by the age of 33.

And they were.  But that all changed in May of 2008, when I spent two weeks in Israel.  It was an amazing point in history, as during those two weeks modern Israel was celebrating their 60th anniversary since becoming a nation.  It was a powerful mixture of the ancient and the modern; of Biblical history and Biblical prophecy coming together.  And the two weeks shook my beliefs down to their very core.  (To learn more, check out About David)  In a nutshell, I returned from Israel with an overwhelming desire to go back in time, as best as I could, to rediscover the faith that Jesus and the Disciples experienced, without the 2,000 years of religious baggage.

Here are 5 ways my faith has changed as a result:

  1. The “BIG BAD LAW” isn’t so big or bad anymore
  2. We can’t fully understand God’s plan, until we understand God’s feasts
  3. The Church is a part of the true Israel, not the replacement for it
  4. Being a disciple means more than going to church on Sunday
  5. God believes in me

Keep checking back as I explain in detail WHY my faith changed in these ways!


8 thoughts on “5 Ways My Faith Changed After Returning from Israel: Introduction

  1. I wrote a blog titled, “Torah: Why I Believe”. It’s awesome to follow His plan and do things His way.

  2. Your 5 reasons why your faith changed are good ones. And it is true, going to Israel whether Christian, Messianic, or Jew, it always has something. It brings the Bible alive to each of us in different ways.

      1. I am in Israel right now, this is my second time, my first time was last fall.

        Coming here changed how I saw this place. My family camped in tent city with the homeless in Jerusalem for 2 weeks. We ate at a soup kitchen where my brother helped at.

        It showed me these people are not any different from you and me.
        They have families, and several of them struggle to make ends meet.
        This is the land of our fore fathers, whether from the 12 tribes or graphed in. This is His peoples land. We need to help our brother. The two sticks need to come together as one.

        My Abba Yahuweh changed me for the better. It is kinds hard to explain, but this is my home. This is where my heart is. And even though I have to leave after 3 months. I will never forget this place and it will always be home.

      2. That’s an awesome story. You are right, that is our home. We’ve gotten so twisted into thinking that this life is one thing, and Heaven comes next, and that they are separate. But we know that the Bible teaches that Messiah will return and establish His throne in Jerusalem, and that after 1,000 years, the Father, Himself, will create a New Heaven and a New Earth, with His very presence in the New Jerusalem. What a glorious day that will be!

        Please keep coming back and telling us about what is happening in Israel. I’d love to learn more from you.

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