Magic Michelle

A Great Christian Movie!

Guys, there is a new movie coming out soon that I cannot wait to see!  It’s called Magic Michelle.  Here’s the synopsis:

When your life is a fantasy, how do you deal with reality?

As a female stripper, Magic Michelle has everything she could ever want: parties that last all night, hot guys and superfluous money. She takes a younger performer under her wing, teaching her the ropes on how to be the best. As she keeps at the top of the game in the clubs, Michelle struggles with trying to develop a relationship with a guy she really likes. Will she have to choose between her dream world and real life?

This movie looks so great!  And what’s even better is that a bunch of guys in my church are going to go see it with me!  We’re so pumped that we get to go see some of the hottest women in Hollywood strut around the big screen basically (and hopefully completely) naked.  At first I was a little bit worried about talking about going to see this movie.  I was afraid that some of these judgmental Christians I worship God with every Sunday would think that it was wrong.  But then I started seeing all these guys posting status updates on Facebook, all of them saying they were going.  And not just your everyday church members either, but Sunday School teachers, youth group workers, men’s ministry leaders.  I’m so glad that we’ve been able to move past the judgmental stuff in church.  Who cares that as men, we’ve been struggling with lust and have seen pornography destroy millions of men.  I’m stronger than that (I think).

Now, I’m not saying that the teenage guys in our churches need to see it.  I mean, it is rated R.  They’re obviously not mature enough to control themselves at this point of their lives.  But I’m sure I am.  Those of us going are all adults.  There’s nothing to worry about.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re probably thinking.  Jesus talked about lust as a bad thing.  But I’m not “lusting” really.  I’m just going with a bunch of my friends to watch a few hot women dance around on stage naked.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  What could be the harm?  Of course, I’d never let my wife go to see anything like this.  I mean, we all know that women can’t handle that sort of thing.  But it’s clearly different with men.

If you want to go with me, just plaster it all over Facebook like everybody else.  It’s time those that don’t know Jesus discover that we’re really not any different from them anyway.

OK, I’ve got to go.  I need to get back to reading 50 Shades of Grey

See you at the movie!


10 thoughts on “Magic Michelle

  1. More like you need to get back to judging everyone. Enjoy that.

    Yes, I am a woman. No, I didn’t go see Magic Mike (even though I think the men in it are ridiculously good-looking…) but sure don’t think less of those who did. Would I let my husband see ‘Magic Michelle” the movie or heaven forbid a stripper in person? Absolutely… I’m confident enough in our relationship to know that he’s coming home to me because he loves me, not some fantasy woman.

    We don’t judge those of you who don’t want to see things like this… why do you insist on judging those of us who do? Our deeds show we are every bit as “Christian” as you are. ‘Jesus talked about lust as a bad thing…’ He said the same about judging others.

    1. Jesus also said that we are to be different. What we “say” we are doesn’t mean anything compared to how we live. Jesus said that the standard by which we judge others is the standard by which we will be judged. I’ve never condemned anyone. I used humor to illustrate the absurdity of those who claim that they’re Christians, going to a movie that under any reasonable look at what the Bible, says they shouldn’t be going to. But for some reason, because it’s women going to see men, it doesn’t have the stigma that it would be the other way around. That is what I’m pointing out.

  2. I don’t know why I bother. I’m just glad I don’t have the responsibility to decide who’s a Christian and who’s not based on the movies they watch. I don’t “say” I am anything but what I am… a woman who loves Jesus and my deeds show it every day of my life. Since you don’t know me, you can’t know whether that’s true or not. But don’t assume that because I enjoy entertainment that may be considered “un-Christian” that I’m somehow less than you or anyone else.

    For what it’s worth, I completely agree with you about the stigma and the double standard.

    Stay strong in your convictions…. and I do mean that sincerely. Variety is the spice of life and differences of opinion keep us on our toes.

    1. This article was not written to say that those who attend this movie are not Christians. Neither is it to say that those who don’t are. That’s a ridiculous argument.

      What I do know, and what I am saying, is that those who claim to be Christians are to be living, as best they can, in a Christ-like manner. That is what the word “Christian” means.

      Jesus made very clear that looking at another person as a sexual object is the same as committing adultery. This is something that He would not do, and if we are seeking to follow Him, perhaps we should rethink viewing a movie like this.

  3. Pornography destroys marriages, relationships and people. It encourages sexual deviant behaviors and a breakdown in morals. The focus has always seemed to be on men. Now, society is turning the focus to the women, with these movies and books, which seem like not such a big deal. “It’s just some really awesome looking guys.” Or, people want to classify Shades of Grey as romance. I don’t see bondage and sexual contracts as romance.

    Society and Satan want Christians to believe everything is OK, and if we stand up for our moral beliefs / values given to us by God, then we are the ones who are wrong. We must follow what the Bible says and not what we want it to say. All through life, we will face peer pressure, but giving up what we know is right, simply is wrong.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Linda. Your encouragement to all of us to continue to take a stand for what it right is necessary.

      What do you believe is the reason why we’ve become so passive when it comes to standing up?

  4. I couldn’t believe when a Christian woman friend on FB posted seeing this and calling it “eye candy”. Seriously? I guess I am not the only one that this has happened to. 1.) Men would be shamed out of church if they did this or openly professed reading sex stories and shared it with other Christian men. 2.) Even if men weren’t shamed, doesn’t it matter what God says anymore?

    Good post and love the sarcasm by the way.

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback. It’s kinda scary to see what Christians are allowing themselves to be a part of these days.

      I took a moment to look over your blog. You’ve got some great content. I encourage you to write more often.

  5. Here from the Matt Walsh comments. I see and appreciate your point. I feel like you could have expanded on it a little. I have never been a fan of the MM or 50 shades genre. Not tempted, not interested..but I hope this helps the Lord convict someone who is, and that their eyes and mind is open to that conviction.

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