You Might Be A Messianic If…

You Might Be A Messianic If...

Time to have a little bit of fun.  Here’s my list of the Top 10 reasons you might be a Messianic.  Please feel free to comment below with your own reasons!  All in good fun!

  1. You’ve tried to have an intelligent discussion about “Chrismukkah”

  2. People on Facebook wonder why you always post “Shabbat Shalom!” on Friday afternoon

  3. You refuse to call the Sunday after Passover, “Easter”

  4. You own a “Micro-Talit”

  5. You always spell “HalleluYAH” with the “YAH” in all caps and with a “Y” instead of a “J”

  6. People don’t believe you when you tell them that there is a book in the Bible called “Yaakov”

  7. You have Paul Wilbur, Joel Chernoff, Marty Goetz, and Ted Pearce on your iPod

  8. You’ve had to endure that uncomfortable silence when you’ve tried to talk to another Christian about “Yeshua,” and you realized they had no idea who that is

  9. You actually know what a “Micro-Talit” is

  10. Your spouse has caught you secretly watching Michael Rood videos online

Again, this is all in good fun.

Pass this on, and remember to add your own reasons below!


6 thoughts on “You Might Be A Messianic If…

  1. 11. You witness by telling people to leave the sheep alone.
    12. When people say “are you sure” you reply ” no, but let me tell you about Him…
    13. Not only do you argue with the gentiles, but you argue with Jews.
    14. The other white meat is fish.
    15. You no longer call your husband a “pig” but an “unclean animal”.

    1. Ok…I get most of these. It took me a couple of minutes for the “are you sure” reference, but I got it.

      Still, the “telling the people to leave the sheep alone” one has left me befuddled. Any chance you want to clarify?

      1. I thought maybe you might of seen the Micheal Rood Passover event. See if you can watch it on his website. He spoke about how we abuse grace and that because we are under grace doen’t mean we can marry sheep like the people in New Zealand. So he yells out ” leave the sheep alone!” My wife tried her hand at witnessing to some poeple at work what she heard and all she got “what!!?”. I couldn’t stop laughing.

  2. You might be a Messianic if….

    1) you were the only one at your work that refused the Christmas bonus.

    2) if your children correct your parents when they say “Jesus”;
    ; example: “No grandma, His name is Y’shua”

    3) if you have more provisions than FEMA

    4) if you can start a food ministry from your front door.

    5) if you use your vacation at work to take true Holy Days, and would rather work the ones your off.

    6) if you reference mandatory Saturday work as the company kicked their donkey in the well, guess I have to help them pull it out.

    7) if Christian book stores offend you.

    8) if you witness to people in Christian book stores.

    9) if you listen to Christian music and wonder if it’s biblically correct.

    10) if Jehovah Witnesses purposely pass by your house.

    11) if alcohol and Bible discussion are combined at your house.

    12) if your children don’t even know who “Jesus” is.
    (Meaning they only know Him as Y’shua)

    13) if your children saw a Santa figurine and thought it was a Rabbi.

    14) if hobby day is making tzitzits

    15) if your pastor calls a board meeting and the topic of discussion is You.

    16) if you call the Mondays as having a bad case of day two’s

    17) if you’ve ever corrected a gregorian calendar

    18) if you wave the Israeli flag more than you do your own countries flag

    19) if you know that Nisan 14 is NOT a sports car

    20) if you are aware that Aviv is NOT the guy that works at the corner store

    21) if your not excepted by the Christians or the Jews.

    22) if you raise sheep just to get a different type of meat than what the stores offer

    23) if you have ever referred to Y’shua as the living Torah scroll

    24) if steeples just remind you of sun god worship

    25) if you see the symbolism of Santa coming out of the fire

    26) if you take shofars to church

    27) if you realize that You are the peculiar people the Bible was referring to.

    Take care and YHVH bless, in the mighty name of Y’shua!

    P.s. I heard a few of these on a YouTube video and I came up with some myself. So I’m not trying to take someone else’s genius, I just thought they were funny enough to share.

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